Protecting your investment
At VA Striping  we do Asphalt sealcoating  and parking lot striping  , this protects the investment in your commercial parking lots or in your community roadways.  Asphalt sealcoating will also help extend the life of the asphalt by slowing oxidation, preventing water penetration and it acts as a barrier against oil and gas spills.  AT VA Striping we  specializes in parking lot maintenance and we have skilled technicians and the latest spray equipment to apply the proper coatings and revitalize your parking areas. So contact us today to set up an evaluation of your property. We alway provide a free estimate to any size project. 


What it does:
Seal Coating Improves appearance, property value and the ability to lease properties easier. The dark black color makes it look and wear like a newly paved surface. Its Slows oxidation and inhibits water penetration. Without sealcoating, the oxidation process turns the pavement from black to gray as it continues to weaken the asphalt bonding and causes deterioration. As the asphalt loses its strength more reveling and cracking takes place.  Its also resists gas and oil spills. Without adequate sealcoating those spills will soften and break down asphalt pavement.

Example of our sealcoating services in Fairfax County, VA
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Sealcoating Services in Fairfax County, VA


VA Striping and Sealcoating.

Virginia, VA Parking Lot striping and sealcoating and fire lane striping, Curb painting, Curb numbering painting in Northern VA  located in Vienna VA. Line Striping will enhance your parking lot; help manage traffic flow; designate no parking areas, fire lanes and crosswalks; and provide pedestrian and vehicle safety via designated parking spaces. Areas we service Parking Lot Line Striping and Curb Painting and curb Numbering in Northern Virginia. Parking Lot line Striping in Vienna, Parking Lot line Striping in Oakton, Parking Lot line Striping in Reston, Parking Lot line Striping in Great Falls, Parking Lot line Striping in Fairfax Station, Parking Lot line Striping in Fairfax City, Parking Lot line Striping in Clifton, Parking Lot line Striping in Chantilly, Parking Lot line Striping in Centreville, Parking Lot line Striping in South Riding, Parking Lot line Striping in Ashburn, Parking Lot line Striping in Sterling, Parking Lot line Striping in McLean, Parking Lot line Striping in Falls Church, Parking Lot line Striping in Arlington, Parking Lot line Striping in Alexandria, Parking Lot line Striping in Springfield.